New Rays and New Makos

New Rays and New Makos
By, 7 December 2018

Look what came into the market quietly just recently! Already the net is abuzz with Orient Watch’s new entries into their dive watch range. Please welcome the all-new Orient Ray 3 and the Orient Mako 3! Also read on to find out how to get further discounts when purchasing these popular tool watches!

Below are the pictures we took of the new Orient Ray 3 and Mako 3. These pictures, we hope, shall tell a lot more than what we can put into words especially when you can use them to compare with the previous iterations of the popular Ray and Mako watches. As always, we are sure that Orient has provided us with really value for money and quality sports watches in these new models.

The watches share similar etched backs (dolphins) and signed crowns.
Interestingly, we have yet to get the confirmation which dial model is actually the new Ray or the Mako but already several discussions online tend to link these models with their respective names. The official Orient Japan website does not use them for the watches and instead just sticks to their model numbers.

The Ray 3 has a diameter of 41.8mm with sapphire crystal whereas the Mako 3, 44mm with mineral glass instead. Both watches have a water resistance rating of 200m and are powered by the calibre F6922 with a minimum power reserve of 40 hours.