Adventure comes calling with the Hummer HM1015 Landmaster!

Adventure comes calling with the Hummer HM1015 Landmaster!

October 2020, Kuala Lumpur

Itching to step out into nature or get off the road into the forest? Wishing for a wonderful companion timepiece to accompany you as you engage in extreme activities? Here to be your guide and your friend along your journey is the Hummer HM1015.

The HM1015 comes in four striking colour combinations – black/orange, rose gold/black, green/brown and silver/black. They are powered by an accurate and reliable Japanese quartz movement. The watch provides chronograph functionality as well as a date window which is present at the 4 o’clock position. The crystal is made of robust mineral crystal glass with antireflection coating. The solid stainless steel cases provide up to 50 meters of water resistance.


Why should you consider the Hummer HM1015? Here are 10 GREAT reasons why you should!

1. Square watches are rarely seen and reflects on your unique personality.

2. The watch has a multi-layered dial construction that offers not only crucial time
information at a glance but also a truly attractive façade that never fails to capture

3. The crown and pusher designs are ergonomic and easy to engage in any condition.

4. The overall design of the watch captures the spirit of adventure and indicates that the
watch means business.

5. The watch is powered by Japanese quartz reliability and accuracy so essential out in

6. The chronograph function is useful and sought after to allow for intuitive timing during
your activities.

7. The rugged leather strap is built to match your outdoor activities and can take a

8. The case diameter of 46mm ensures that the watch is always legible and shown boldly
on your wrist.

9. The 50 metre water resistance rating is sufficient for most humid and wet conditions.

10. There are several choices of colour combinations to match your outfit regardless of
the activity.

Certainly, this time around, to be square is to be cool! Run to find the Hummer HM1015 and bring it along with you for your adventurous ride, be it in nature or the urban jungle!

These exhilarating timepieces, in all their variations retail at prices from RM568 to RM598. Own one now at our trusted online shop: Click HERE to learn more.