Jebely Watch Winder

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A watch winder is a device which holds a watch (or often more than one) and moves it in a circular patterns to emulate the necessary parts of human motion to operate the self-winding mechanism.

A winder cannot over wind an automatic watch, since all automatic watches have special mainspring that will never come to the end of the spring. Most winders are on some sort of a timer, so they will operate for a few minutes, then “rest” for a bit, then start their motion again. There is no need to keep the watch in motion 24 hours.

  • Circular arc with modern and fashionable design
  • Comfortable angle of elevation
  • Weight: About 482g (without adapter)
  • Black / Red acrylic material  
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation, automatic rotation
  • Power: AC adapter DC/4V 550mA
  • Temperature: Operate between 5°C - 40°C

TPD (Turns Per Day):
Mode A - 650TPD, rotates 5 mins, rest 79 mins and then repeat
Mode B - 900TPD, rotates 5 mins, rest 56 mins and then repeat
Mode C - 1200TPD, rotates 5 mins, rest 41 mins and then repeat
Mode D - 1500TPD, rotates 5 mins, rest 32 mins and then repeat

What inside the box:
- Automatic winding box x1
- AC/DC transformer x1
- Original watch clip x1 (placed in the winding box)
- Wipe cloth x1
- Operating Instructions Manual
- Original warranty card
- 1 year warranty 

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A buyer (Selangor, Malaysia)
Great gift

Perfect for a gift, sophisticated and sleek looking. Bought the black, so beautiful when you put a watch and it rotates. The perso. loves the gift, thank you solartime :)

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